Current Stable Release of PHP is 7.4.1 released on 18 December 2019. In this article, we learn how to install the latest PHP 7.4 on Ubuntu Server. PHP 7.4.1 is available for production environments and you can install it via the Ondrej PPA repository.

PHP is one of the most used programming languages on the internet. Make sure you get the latest version installed for security and bug fixes. You can check here, what are the latest security vulnerabilities in PHP.

PHP is a very popular Server Side Scripting Language best known for interactive web pages and dynamic websites. We will learn the installation of PHP 7.4 in some simple steps. Just follow the below steps for installing PHP 7.4 on Ubuntu Server.

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FreePBX is a well known and widely used User Interface for managing and controlling asterisk server. I am using FreePBX for the last 3 years. It’s simple, easy to use and widely supported software. FreePBX is the leader in the IP PBX category.

Problem :

Well, sometimes it’s hard to find out a working solution when a problem comes once in a while. I am having this problem with its dashboard since I installed FreePBX 14. It just stuck on 75% when reload and took at least 60 sec to 180 sec to load.

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